Noah ES Displays "Invalid login. Please try again"


Opening the Noah ES Client desktop application presents the error “Invalid login. Please try again”.

If you are experiencing this issue, there is a good chance that your network/IT infrastructure is blocking a web address that Noah ES uses.

HIMSA has a quick fix and more details for our IT administrator.

Quick Fix

Please note that this workaround will allow you to use Noah ES until it is closed and reopened. Once it has been closed, the permanent IT solution must be applied, or the quick fix must be used again.

Follow the directions below

In this case, the profile that points to Noah ES may have been corrupted. To create a new profile:

  • Close out of the error message

  • Navigate to C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah

  • Under View, choose to Show ‘File name extensions.’

  • Locate the file BusinessSystemSettings.xml

  • Right-click and rename the .xml extension to .test

  • Launch Noah and click Next on the “Welcome to Noah System 4'

  • In the Configuration Wizard, choose the option to store patient records in Noah ES

  • Click Next, Next and Finish

  • At the log in drop down, select NoahES US or NoahES EU depending on your location

Permenant IT Solution

Contact your network administrator and make sure that the below URL address is allowed/whitelisted

For US Customers

For EU Customers

For US Customers

For EU Customers

Your network administrator should also review the table below for all connections that are required.








How can I verify that this is the problem I am having

If you open a browser page to:

You should see a screen similar to the one below. Please note that this page is not useful for operating Noah ES; it is just a test to ensure a valid connection can be made.

If you do not see a message (above), then you may see a variety of different messages. An example is shown below. Or, you may see a message that your IT or our Network system has not approved this URL address.