How do I cancel my Noah ES subscription?

If you change your mind or decide that Noah ES does not work for your location, the first step is to Export patient records from Noah ES.

Exporting records from Noah ES

Your first step to cancel your account is to Export any patient records from Noah ES that you will want in your next solution. That could mean the whole database or could mean just patients that you have added or updated while using Noah ES.

To Export from Noah ES you need administrative rights. See details here:

If  you only need patients that you have added or updated in Noah ES, you can used Advanced Search to refine the number of records. Once you have that search result you can export only those records.

You will export either the full database or the search result in the nhax file format.

  1. Open Noah ES

  2. From the File menu, chose Export Patients. You will see the Export Options dialog:

  3. Under Patients for exporting, choose All patients, then choose Use in another Noah installation and click OK. You have the option to encrypt the export file here, be sure to record the password if you choose this option.

  4. Click Export, note your export details, click Save.

  5. In the Save As window, name the export file and click Save to save the file to your computer, the export will commence.


Inform HIMSA you have all patient data that you need

Next, inform HIMSA that you have your data and wish to cancel and we will deactivate your account.

When an account is deactivated, Noah ES User accounts can no longer login. Be sure all Noah ES users know how to select Noah System at the log in screen.

After deactivation, HIMSA will wait 30 days before deleting the account including the patient database. Details are outlined in the Account and Data Deletion Policy.

If the customer later decides to continue using Noah ES, the account can be reactivated. Before reactivation, payment must be made for any time that has passed since deactivation.