What if I change my mind about Noah ES and want to cancel my subscription?

If a Noah ES customer decides they no longer wish to use Noah ES, the first step is to Export patient records from Noah ES.

If the original Noah System database is still available, use Advanced Search to target records that have been added or updated since the Noah ES subscription was started. Then export the records from Noah ES and import those records back to your original Noah System database.

Next, inform HIMSA that you no longer want to continue with the Noah ES subscription and HIMSA will deactivate the Noah ES account.

When an account is deactivated, Noah ES User accounts can no longer login. Be sure all Noah ES users know how to select Noah System at the log in screen.

After deactivation, HIMSA will wait 30 days before deleting the account including the patient database. Details are outlined in the Account and Data Deletion Policy.


If the customer later decides to continue using Noah ES, the account can be reactivated. Before reactivation, payment must be made for any time that has passed since deactivation.