Using NOAHBSPatientRecordTransferIntegServer

The NoahBSPatientRecordTransferIntegServer has two methods for patient record export and import.

[ServiceContract(Namespace = "")]

public interface INoahBusinessPatientRecordTransferInteface



byte[] PatientRecordTransfer(string BusinessSystemPatientId);


int PatientRecordReceive(string NoahLocation, string BusinessSystemUserId, byte[] patientData);


The web service is started upon a different port then the Noah 4 wsi web service in order to not interrupt the patient import and export of new and altered actions used for the primary WSI operations.


For export of patient and his or her records please use the PatientRecordTransfer method e.g. The Business system request’s one of it Noah 4 sites to export all records for a patient, which is identified by the BusinessSystemPatientId passed to the PatientRecordTransfer. The method will return a byte array, which is NHAX formatted. The byte array can be saved as it is on the Business server side for backup purposes or if the patient data is to be passed to another Noah site. – Do not alter the byte array, since that can cause the imported back into Noah to fail.


For the importing of patient records into a given Noah site, please use the PatientRecordReceive method. The import method takes 3 parameters the Noah locations as a string equal to the Noah location values used in the PatientImport method. The 2nd parameter is the BusinessSystemUserId used to identify who has made the transfer. During the transfer Noah will check if the patient is already in the database, if it is, the patient data will be updated.