Error handling

If error handling is needed because data is not received or transmitted, this must be done using the Noah Business System Integration Tool. This tool will provide log facilities and overview of transactions in error. It is possible to release transactions that for some reasons were not transmitted or to delete actions that should not be transmitted.

Number of re-tries and e-mail notifications

Under “Configurations” it is possible set up how many times to resend a message that was not successful. Default is to retry 3 times with 2 minutes in between. This can be set up in the configuration.

It is also possible to set up an e-mail address that can receive an e-mail if messages are still not sent after re-trying the requested number of times. The e-mail service will be dependent on an available smtp service that the NWS can access- and that the e-mail system allows that e-mails can be sent without specific use of userid and password (which cannot be saved into NWS).


Importing or exporting data from Noah is captured in the Noah ServerService log or in the HIPAA log if enabled.

It is necessary to set the log-level to “Debug” to be able to find errors. Start Noah Console – select the Noah Log Tool – Set Log levels and select “Debug” for all. When the error is found, reset the log-level to “Info”, as the debug log level will influence performance.