In order to develop a business system, a number of tasks need to be completed, including:

  • creating an interface between Noah and the business system database.

  • creating an interface between Noah Business API and the business system.

  • deciding on the use of Noah 4 optional components

Creating a Database Interface for Noah 4

In order for NOAH to store and retrieve NOAH compatible data in the developer’s business system database, it is necessary to create a NOAH database interface. HIMSA also provides the software program Noah 4 Database Tester, which can be used to test the developer’s Noah 4 compatible database. For information on using the Noah 4 Database Tester software, please refer to the Noah 4 Database Tester software documentation, How to Use the Noah 4 Database Tester Tool.

A business system should also be able to import NOAH 2 and NOAH System 3 databases into the business system’s own database via a Nha formatted file.

Interfacing Between Noah and The Business System

The Business API dll assembly provides the interface between the Business system and the Noah Client running on each workstation. Business system developers can use the business API component in a variety of ways, based on the design of the business system, but be aware that the BusinessAPI is the only interface to Noah 4 available for Business System developers.

For more information on the BusinessAPI component object module, refer to Business API. For code examples, refer to Required Programming Tasks.

In addition, a business system must connect to the Noah License Server component. For more information on this component, refer to Business API.