Context Header Information

The Noah 4 Business API offers the option of sending additional information to the managed database dll. Typical information would be a string indicating the user and/or PC, and may also include login information, password and user. This information is generated by the business system. Noah plays no part in its generation. Furthermore, this information does not need to have any relation to other Noah data.

The Noah 4 architecture is event-based. In order to fulfil this requirement, it will be necessary to find a way to automatically pass information from a thread’s current call context to any thread that has been spawned from this thread.

This is solved in Noah by the implementation of a method which can carry the information to Noah Server. The information can then be obtained by the managed database interface. In all cases, every managed database interface must abide by the standard method signature. The managed database interface can freely choose to use the information or not. The functionality is made available for the Business Systems by the exposure of public property in the Business API, where the information can be set. (NoahCallContext) The picture in General Purpose Data Porter shows the principle flow of the call context header information (NOTE: The green component is Noah 4 and the pink is a given Business system).