Noah Mobile - Cloud Environments

The Noah Mobile cloud infrastructure currently includes the following environments for the development process:

For example: will GET the sessions belonging to the patient with id 17 in the Production environment.

IMPORTANT: The Noah Server and the App must point to the relay in the same environment or they will not be able to communicate.

When you develop a Business System you should take into consideration that HIMSA's sample apps will all point to the External Test environment, so if you wish to use them you can point your Business System Noah Mobile installation to use this environment during development. Alternatively you can change the sample apps to use the Production environment.

If you are using using the Noah System pre-release version in the Noah Mobile SDK, it will point to the External test environment by default. 

The official Noah release (4.5 and later) on our end user site will point to the Production environment, allowing it to be used by end users. 

You can use the “NoahMobileEnvSelect” on the Noah 4 Mobile Development page to switch environment.