50138 error after selecting NoahES US or NoahES EU at the log in

The 50138 occurs after selecting NoahES US or NoahES EU at the log in:

In this case the profile that points to Noah ES may have been corrupted. To create a new profile:

  • Close out of the error message

  • Navigate to C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah

  • Under View, choose to Show ‘File name extensions’

  • Locate the file BusinessSystemSettings.xml

  • Right click and rename the .xml extension to .test

  • Launch Noah and click Next on the “Welcome to Noah System 4'

  • In the Configuration Wizard, choose the option to store patient records in Noah ES

  • Click Next, Next and Finish

  • At the log in drop down, select NoahES US or NoahES EU depending on your location

Other Errors



If renaming the business system settings file does not resolve, see further troubleshooting steps here:



If you are not able to resolve with the steps above, have questions or need help, please submit an issue thru the Noah ES Help desk: